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Dévah Quartet: Live at This Ain't Hollywood -- the show from March 2020, including an acclaimed version of Lateralus by TOOL, and ending with RUSH's 2112.

Dévah Quartet: 2112 -- a 20-minute performance film showcasing the technical playing and emotional resonance of a talented string quartet.

All projects executive produced by Andrew G. Watters.

ReleasedIn progress

Dévah Quartet - 2112

Sara Loera - The Undiscovered Country

LoNero - The Defiant Machine

LoNero - Guitarcore

Courtney Grace - Rogue Wave

Dévah Quartet - Prometheus

Dévah Quartet - Maiden Be Thy Name

TBD - Duality

Dévah Quartet - 2112

Dévah Quartet 2112 album is available for purchase on vinyl. Ultra high quality audiophile-grade colored vinyl. Features an instrumental arrangement of RUSH's epic 2112 suite, plus a 20-minute original piece called Heaven and Hell with the singing talents of Sara Loera and Rob Lundgren. $25 plus shipping and handling. Message for shipping quote (ships worldwide). Check out Liza's unboxing video as well. A limited-run test pressing is available for an additional charge, optionally signed by the band.


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