Portable supercomputer and 3D computer vision system

AMD Threadripper Pro 32-core 3.5 GHz CPU, Nvidia RTX 3090 GPU, Nvidia A100 GPU "backpack" running Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the Nvidia Riva A.I. suite, Intel SSD x2 in RAID 1 for OS (Windows 10 Pro), Seagate Exos 2X14 dual actuator hard drives x8 in a 100 TB RAID 0 (> 3 GB/sec), Supermicro 4U tower chassis with dual Platinum 1200 watt redundant PSU, Samsung 65" 8K television (60 Hz refresh) with cart/stand, ASUS workstation motherboard, 100G ethernet host adapter, 10G ethernet on board, Pelican Super-V 5U rolling case, dual 60 Hz industrial cameras, FLIR science kit.


Lead time: 60 days



Behavioral science computer vision suite written in C++ and x86 assembly for maximum performance.
Currently in development for Windows 11 and Windows 10 Pro (expected Spring 2023). Pricing TBD.

Passive stereoscopic computer vision

Completely passive 3D model generation from stereo cameras and image processing.

High frame rate, high resolution images

The world's first real-time 60 Hz behavioral science suite, with explosive capabilities.

Complex pattern recognition

Associate facial motion and thermal changes with mental states and personality.

Video annotations and markers

Highlight areas of interest and sections of video for later review, all non-destructively.

Built for practical use

Use for research, diagnosis, and even litigation consulting.

Validated by research

Results expected to be validated against the MMPI-3 for abnormal psychology (mid-2023).

Research-quality Mathematica notebooks

Included with hardware purchase.

Details and Documents

Research plan

An innovative approach to using computer vision to assess mental processes.