A non-partisan campaign management platform intended for campaign managers

In development (as of April 10, 2020)


  1. Task management of individuals, teams, and whole campaigns, with role-based access control (RBAC). Instantly assign tasks to team members and teams, and instantly change the direction of a campaign to focus on issues that matter and affect electability. Email task assignments, follow-ups, notices of completion, and requests for changes automatically.
  2. Correspondence tracking, including follow-up/tickler, calendar-based management of responses, email scheduling, assignment to subject matter experts or other responsible individuals, auto-generated responses with personalized information, and a repository for all sent and received matter.
  3. Repository for research on opposing candidates, policy positions, donor/constituent opinions, and national polling.
  4. File and document management for policy positions, press releases, volunteer/participant c.v.'s, correspondence, opposing candidate communications, etc.
  5. Supporter communications with automatic segmentation and personalized email campaigns written in the candidate's voice.
  6. Social media integration for announcements, coordinated campaigns, and tracking/responding to opposing candidate activity.
  7. One-click generation of customized PDF letters to donors, media, volunteers, and more.
  8. Dashboards for each role, including the candidate and campaign manager, with all appropriate metrics, including task completion rates, engagement of team members, milestones/progress, burn rate, donation status, heat maps of under-performing areas, incident reports, compliance, and more.
  9. Server health monitoring and automatic notification of intrusions and cyber attacks, with one-click report to law enforcement.


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