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10 gigabit colocation

Offering colocation in a regional telco's data center in San Francisco for local businesses that need something better than on-premise equipment, but that aren't ready for a long-term lease or Equinix-level prices. True A/B 15A and 30A power (30A is an additional charge), 10 gig connection (I may cap tenants at 1 gig, depending on usage). One static IP per tenant, and up to 10U available per tenant (minimum 2U). Price varies based on number of rack units, length of lease, and power needs (power is metered). Email for a quote. Includes 24x7x365 NOC and remote hands. Servers built to order also (includes three year warranty).

10 gigabit private web hosting and file serving

Also offering outrageously fast, ultra-secure private web hosting and file serving on my 10 gigabit connection (typical ping: 2.0 ms). The main server runs PitBull from General Dynamics Mission Systems, and offers extraordinarily high security for files. However, the number of clients is limited due to the limited number of security compartments. The secondary server runs RHEL 8 and is appropriate for normal web serving, with essentially unlimited space. A/B redundant power and daily sync to cloud backup. Email for a quote (price varies based on which server is used, disk space required, number of virtual hosts, and any special configuration required).

I have what is probably the fastest and most reliable 10 gig firewall in the world, and I am also apparently one of the only 10 gig web hosting providers, ever-- and certainly with this level of quality for my components. This represents a significant investment in hardware, software, and service, not to mention my time and effort. I am offering top-quality service in addition to hardware that was selected for maximum reliability.

Feature Comparison:DreamHostHostGatorHostwindsGoDaddyOthersRællic
10 gig fiber WAN[1]
10 gig LAN
10 gig NAS available
Typical ping 2.0 ms
Real-time failover DNS[2]
Enterprise hardware standard
PitBull OS option
Custom firewall configuration
Optional private cloud link[3]
24x7x365 NOC
24x7x365 Remote hands
12x7x365 Phone support
Email support within 2 hours
Fully in-house IT admin/consulting
Owner's mobile phone provided

[1] Metering and caps on WAN connection to be determined based on usage. Owner reserves the right to cap speeds due to excessive usage and/or charge appropriate fees.
[2] Requires Constellix account and additional cloud provisioning (which can all be set up as part of the service package and onboarding process).
[3] Private cloud link is a private line between customer sites and the data center so that traffic does not go over the internet. Effectively, it's a private, hardware-encrypted intranet.

All services are subject to terms specified in a long-form master services agreement, including prohibitions on spam, illegal content, adult content, and copyright infringement.

Contact: andrew@raellic.com

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